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Similar to Purposeful Being but more advanced. This six month one on one course comes after Purposeful Being. This is where we get into the really good stuff. You know what your divine path looks like, now it’s time to make it real. Think of this as the moment where you step inside your vision board and make it your real, actual life. It’s all about the action: making plans and sticking to them, staying busy, working through your blocks, overcoming your fears and becoming the fierce life warrior you always knew you could be.

Here’s what you get:

●     Core life coaching– We’re going to hit the not-so-basic basics: removing blocks, gaining clarity, taking action. It’s going to blow your mind and change your life from the very first session. Once again this will take between 12 and 24 hour-long sessions with me over the course of six months- When we talk we’ll decide if weekly or bi-weekly will work best for your personal goals. This is all custom tailored to meet your needs and your lifestyle.

●     Accountability– Oh yeah, I’m not just going to break down those barriers, give you active goals to work on…and then leave you high and dry. This stuff is not easy, which is why I am here to hold your hand and give you the push you need.

●     Challenges– We are going to be putting plans into action and working super hard to break down all of your barriers. Get ready to confront every uncomfortable area in your life. And of course, working the laws of attraction and how to live a life of gratitude which will, guess what? Attract more good stuff. (it’s a law of nature, I am telling you!)

●     BONUS RESOURCES– You’re going to get PDFs from me with excellent tips to help make your life more fulfilled every day. I’ve got tons of resources to enrich your life and I am here to share them. When you work with me you are getting my life experiences, my training, and all the education I can possibly share.

●     Support and love– You are doing some amazing work and some hard work and I am so proud of you. You are never going to be alone in this. We are going to work together to create the life you desire, and to manifest the divine purpose you possess.

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No matter which package you choose, you’re going to get tons of one-on-one attention custom tailored to you.



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