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Great day to you Janae!

Although I’m pretty sure you know how grateful I am for the coaching services that you extended to me, I just wanted to take the time out to give you a written testimony of my experience with you. First off I came to you with a great procrastination issue, and although we did not label it as such, your coaching skills allowed me the permission to see myself very clearly and call it what it is. And that’s what I wanted to point out; you never once placed any labels on me throughout the sessions. It didn’t dawn on me until after that your way of coaching is so unique and unobtrusive that even now, a week and some days after our final session, I’m still undergoing changes and discovering beautiful qualities of myself.

Qualities that enhance my character and put me in a position to win in this great journey called Life! Next, and lastly, I love the way you create a peaceful place during our sessions. A place where true realization and transformation can take place. You have a nonjudgmental style that complimented my ability to go within myself and find the answers I needed to take the next step. I love that as well. Things come to me easier now, there’s less tension when confronting situations in my life and I’m an overall more present person. I live each moment fully, knowing that it is truly a gift, that’s why they call it the Present!!

Thank you very much, my life will always reflect the help I received from you and I’ll be sure to share my experience to any one else who is in need of an extraordinary Life Coach!!

God Bless! Sincerely,
Robert Drummond

What will be your testimony?

The safe and trusted environment that Janae creates allowed me to open up, empty out and work through the block that I had created in moving forward. The way in which Janae is completely present during our time together, working with me to understand what the block was and then creating a plan to work through the block and reach my potential, was so empowering to me and I am so very grateful.

Her approach was gentle, clear and empathetic which helped me trust the process and remain committed to following it through. Thank you Janae, for your great coaching and being of such powerful service!

Debbie McMullen

This year, I knew that there were some major roadblocks that I needed to tackle before I were able to focus on my goals. I felt cloudy and unmotivated. I had never worked with a life coach before Janae. She worked with me for 4 sessions in total. Janae is so relatable that it feels like you’re talking to your best friend, however her coaching style is not to be underestimated.

Since my sessions, I started my dream business and will be working with my business on a full-time basis starting this year. She pulled the confidence out of me to take on my big projects, gave me skills to spiritually ground myself when things get crazy, and really helped me find my voice. I’m forever grateful!

Keena B. Stephens

I was a Life Coaching practice client for Janae Martin and was encouraged and motivated by the support she provided during our weekly sessions. She has the natural ability to make one feel comfortable and accepted. She is a wonderful listener, and she skillfully guided our conversations so that they addressed the issues that I wanted to work on. I find goal setting to be difficult, but Janae was able to listen to my ramblings and narrow down what I had said to help me formulate my thoughts into goals.

She provided friendly assessment and feedback. She pointed out the progress that I had made during our weeks together by pointing out things that I had expressed during our initial session. I would not have noticed the change otherwise. I think that she helped me to determine what my priorities are and empowered me to keep reaching for those goals.

Laura Welgos



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